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School Bell

The School Bell software is a testing platform which is aligned to the curriculum based contents that is made for Schools.This a perfect tool which encloses the full details of a particular School. This is a Window based Software. This facilitates better management of Student and Staff Records that is Overall 360 degree information about student and staffs.It reduces file work and saves our valuable time.This improves direct communication between student, parents & school/college/institute.

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  • Login Authentication for Users

  • Office Management

  • Adminstrator Management

  • SMS System

  • Library Management

  • Transport Management

  • Student Examination

  • Reports

  • Certificate Formats

  • SSMS Benefits to the Users
    • SSMS eliminates bottlenecks in the process of getting information out of pile of data
    • It reduces file work
    • Improves system's response to the demand of the stakeholders
    • Integrated solution to manage academic, administrative and business processes.
    • Saves the staff time spent in manually filing, retrieving, compiling, posting paper records.
  • SSMS Benefits to Students
    • Project & assignment information is easily available
    • Better access to library material and other references
    • Assists in understanding performance in any subject at any time
    • Information flow regarding school calendar, homework, assignments & announcements better
    • Improved Communication with teachers & friends through software
  • SSMS Benefits to Teachers
    • Improves Teaching Effectiveness through content and information about student
    • Easy access to detail time table
    • Greater focus on teaching and less on time consuming administrative functions viz. Student records, class schedules, reports, attendance etc.
    • Assists in channeling efforts on students by tracking detailed history of performance of a student
    • Improved Quality of interaction between Parents and Teachers
    • Proactive measures like SMS, email that keeps them in the loop
  • SSMS Benefits to Parents
    • Instant access to all the information related to child
    • Possible to monitor the performance of their child from anywhere anytime on the internet
    • Access to Grades, Attendance, Fee status, exam schedule, announcements much better
    • Improved Quality of interaction between Parents and Teachers
    • Proactive measures like SMS, email that keeps them in the loop
  • SSMS Benefits to Administration
    • Minimization of repetitive activities
    • Instant Access to the Information required for Decision making
    • Dynamic generation of tasks with popup, alerts and e-mail provides better productivity and work plan
    • Direct access to every piece of First Hand Information allows to accurately
    • Pinpoint source of problems such as pilferage & wastage
    • View any kind of reports be it daily, weekly, monthly and annually

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