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Mobile Shop Management

The Mobile Shop Management software is a designed to maintained the records of mobiles.It saves time and is very useful for the user to locate the stock and item purchased on a single click. It is also helpful for the users to know the details of mobile in the shopand it increases the business.Easy to search for the services rendered to customer.Provide detailed and accurate information of business records.

  • Payroll Management

  • Account Management

  • Flexible to users

  • Certificate Formats

  • SIM Card Management

  • IMEI numbers can be recorded

  • Can keep a track of all the employees worked

  • Easy to search for the services rendered to customer

  • Service
    • Can keep a track of all the employees/engineers worked.
    • Can keep a record of client details.
    • Allows generating invoice for the service rendered to the customers for the handset repaired
  • Payroll Management
    • Can manage the staff.
    • Generate pay slip and salary register based on attendance of employee according to leave, allowances, advance, bonus, and other deductions.
  • Flexible
    • Flexi records can be kept corresponding to service providers.
    • Flexi can be done at any time, as easy as possible.
    • Can get the current balance of each Service provider.
    • Can keep a track of claims gained through flexi.
    • Returned flexi can be stored
  • Accounting Management
    • Save time by easily and quickly viewing all history related to particular customer or vender transactions at any point in sales or purchase process.
    • Damaged goods/stock can be recorded separately.
    • Separate reports on payable and receivable accounts.
    • Managing stock, ledgers, client details
  • SIM Management
    • All transactions of SIM can be maintained.
    • Transactions can be done according to service provider and executive.
    • Service provider wise claim report can be generated.
    • Direct access to every piece of First Hand Information allows to accurately
    • Pinpoint source of problems such as pilferage & wastage
    • View any kind of reports be it daily, weekly, monthly and annually

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