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Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management System is the modernized tool of information technology has created easiness in each and every area including medical sector such as hospitals managements. The Hospital management software is easy to sustain, cost-effective, scalable and get with effective price. This is an incorporated systems that can single-handed manage medical, financial, management, and laws related to a hospital and its service handling. Hospital management is a complicated task and needs a extensive details support system. In modern time, medical centers or hospitals are intensely reliant on the ability of such techniques to help in the analysis and control, to ensure better wellness services.This software is basically a computer-based program that facilitates health care organizations to serve people at their best. Real-time data is what these software is able to provide, and this is one of the greatest advantage of an hospital management system.This HMS software targets at handling all the factors of a hospital and cover areas like registration, OPD, medical records, inpatients, outpatients, stock of drugs and other material, physicians in charge, arranging of doctor responsibilities, lab and other records.

  • Registration

  • Patient Check In / Check Out

  • Laboratory / Pathology Automation

  • Inventory System

  • Food Department Automation

  • Pharmaceutical Department

  • Staff Record Maintenance

  • Doctor Consultant

  • Laundry Maintenance System

  • Emergency Services

  • Blood Bank Maintenance System

  • Billing System

  • Computerized Operation
    • The computerized registration system
    • The out-patient clinics computer system
    • The pharmacy management system
    • The nursing and surgery system
    • The medical supplies inventory control system
    • The property management system
    • The pharmacy management system
    • The personnel management system
    • The clinical information system
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
    • SThe system keeps a detail record of the existing infrastructure and its record
    • All the assets and liabilities will be kept well maintained and any addition or removal will be kept updated.
  • Unit Dose Operation
    • The unit dose operation is computerized; the instant prescription and first-day dose are prepared well before the administration time so that patients can take medicine on time.
  • Medical Material Management System
    • The sub-warehouse and exchange cart systems are used
    • safe inventory quantities are preset and automatic material supply is augmented to effectively control inventory and reduce slow

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